Harbor Beach Security Update

HBI Security Signs.
Shown here is the yard sign for Harbor Beach Security (aka HBI) members that available now for installation on your property. The upgraded new signs offer superior reflectivity not found on the old ones and HB Security is hopeful the round sign design, heavier gauge of the plastic and aluminum stake will better withstand the onslaught of landscapers mowers and weed trimmers. If you have not yet received your sign you may contact Captain Wheeler, Bob Ross or Annette Ross and one will be delivered to your home.

Did you know that HB Security has created and maintains a DOG LOG for members whose pets may fail to understand or obey the command STAY? Members can contact Officer Sandi Downs, the official keeper of the Dog Log, to have their dogs’ photo taken and have their owners name and contact information registered in the log. Members may also register their cats, ferrets, and parrots and if need be, register your spouse, too!


A Security Reminder from FLPD
Crime in Harbor Beach is still very low when compared to other neighborhoods. However, vigilance needs to be maintained. The new service workers combined with construction crews will look for those opportunities to make an easy score. Open doors and garage doors are an absolute invitation. When you leave your residence always set your alarm, even if your are going to be gone just for a few minutes. With the service workers in the neighborhood seeing you depart, they know they have an opportunity.

Boating season and all the paddle boarders and kayakers will be in the canals to the rear of your homes. Please don't leave a tempting item by your rear porch or dock. Finally, any HBI member planning a getaway this season, please fax, email or notify your detail officers so we can keep the extra watch and check your homes daily while you are gone. I have a registration form should you want to include that. I plan to send it on the next few weekly reports.

Captain David Wheeler
District 1
Tel: 954-828-6650


S5 Box




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