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Please mark your calendar to meet and welcom Fort Lauderdale Police Major William (Bill) Shultz and Sergent Heather Lee to Harbor Beach.


We are delighted that Sgt. Lee has become our new HBI Detail Coordinator and fully support that Major Shultz is favored to be next in line as Chief of Police.
Major Shultz will share the latest City of Fort Lauderdale crime reports and discuss the rise in local auto thefts. Sgt Lee and Henderson Dottsin, HBI Security, will discuss how we can better protect our homes and vehicles and prevent incidents such as those from happening in our neighborhood.




ABOUT HBSecurity

HBSecurity utilizes your membership funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol our Harbor Beach neighborhood. The officers are in full FLPD uniform, and have complete authority to take official action and arrest a suspect should a crime take place while on patrol. Unlike private security firms who can only hope to detain a suspect then call the police to arrest the suspect! HBS officers patrol our neighborhood in a marked police car leased by the Harbor Beach Island Fund. The Fund also carries a separate Workman’s Comp policy for the detail officers. Should there be a life threatening emergency our detail officers will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call received from the neighborhood, so long as they are on patrol. All Members receive a special cell phone number to contact the HBS detail directly. Dependent on where the officer is located within the neighborhood HBS response time is mere seconds to 3 minutes vs waiting possibly hours for a FLPD Beach officer to arrive.

Other services provided by HBSecurity:

Vacation Check - This is a vital service for any neighborhood that has a large number of “snowbirds” as residents. Members submit a Vacation Check form to HBS indicating the dates their family will be out of residence, contact information of a neighbor and/or of those persons who have authorized access to the their home during their absence such as their housekeeper or “bug man”. The form also lists the the make and model of the cars those authorized persons drive. Boats and their crew may also be registered. HBS will walk the perimeter of your property and dock should you have one to look for any unauthorized vehicles or vessels not listed on your Vacation Check form, The officers will also survey your doors and windows for any signs of forced entry while ensuring they are properly closed, locked and secure.  Click Here to view and download the HBI Vacation Check and Emergency Contact form. 

False Alarm Fees - There aren’t many folks that haven’t accidentally set off their security alarm while rushing to get out of the house or trying to key the code in or have a new employee who is not familiar with the system. Members have one less thing to worry about as HBS can insure those city false alarm fees will not be applied to you while on duty.

Dog Log - Does your dog break out of your yard to explore the neighborhood and then “forget” how to get home? Worry no more. The Canine Unit of HBSecurity headed by Officer Sandi Downs will take a photo of the offender and register his description, owners name and contact information in their Dog Log so that your canine culprit can safely be returned home. HBS will also register your cat, bird or ferret.

Elder Care Check - Far from home and worried about your aging relatives? You may request HBSecurity to check on your sick or elderly parent, friend or neighbor similar to a Vacation Check by contacting Captain Wheeler or Officer Sandi Downs. Non-relatives will need to seek permission from family members.

Code Compliance - Your neighbor’s pool is not being serviced or lawn not being maintained and you would like to get the situation handled in a neighborly way? HBSecurity can be of assistance here too as it has its own Code Compliance officer within its ranks who can help direct you through options available to you and your neighbor.

Yes, we all must be diligent to lock our doors and secure our vehicles and take all the necessary precautions to prevent becoming a victim. But there is something more that YOU can do as well. If you are already a member of HBSecurity, talk to your neighbors and encourage them to join. The more residents we have participating in the fund the more officers and coverage can be provided to protect you and your family. If you are not already a member, I urge you to join.  Harbor Beach residents will find the HBSecurity membership application enclosed with your copy of the latest issue of HARBOR BEACH MAGAZINE.

For under $5.00 per day HB Security will be on duty to protect you, your family and your Neighborhood 24 hours per day. Isn't your family's safety and security worth $5.00 per day?  Call or email to become a Member today. Your family and your neighbors will thank you. Contact:

Rupp Associates
954-525-6116 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you!

HBI Security
Sgt. Heather Lee
Fort Lauderdale Police Department
Harbor Beach Security Patrol Emergency – 911
FLPD: Non-Emergency - 954-764-4357 or 954-764-HELP ;Emergency – 911
24-Hour Neighbor Service Center - 954-828-8000
Q39 Direct Phone available by Membership in HB Security …ANOTHER REASON why you should JOIN TODAY!

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